Aylen-Aike Hostel

In Tehuelches' mothertongue, the word "Aylen" means "ember" and "Aike" means "place". Aylen-Aike is a "warm place".

Our hostel has a great panoramic view, from which you can see the hill by itself, the Torre (Tower) hill, the Del Bosque (Forest) range and the grand Fitz Roy.

Aylen-Aike is located by the riverside -De las Vueltas- having access to the small forest of ñires -a type of beech- on its slope, and at the front, a wall made up of the mountain range of the Condors.

El Chaltén is a place with glaciers, mountains, rivers, forests, and with the giant Fitz of all times at the front. Patagonia and specially El Chaltén are places to visit, admire, love and respect, places to contact nature and feel really pleased... and to listen to the wind.

Contact details
Aylen-Aike Hostel
125, Trevisán
Z9301XAF - El Chaltén
Province of Santa Cruz
Patagonia Argentina
Phone: ++54 2962 493317
From Argentina: 02962 493317

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