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Transport Companies in El Chaltén

To telephone you must dial the area code before the number:
From Argentina 02962 and from abroad 54 2962.

Transport in the area

Ema Transfers

Address: 430, San Martín Ave.
Phone: +54 (0) 2962 493042/116

Description: Trasfers on El Chaltén and El Calafate areas. Visit to Estancias including lodging, cabalcades and fishing.

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Walk Patagonia

Address: 62, Antonio Rojo Ave. Office #2
Phone: +54 (0) 2962 493275

Description: Transfers within the Chaltén area: El Pilar, Lago del Desierto, Bah’a Túnel, airport, El Calafate. Private and tailor made Services. 4x4 (4 people) and a minibus (15 people).

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Las Lengas
Address: 95, A. de Viedma St.
Phone: 493023
Límite Patagonia
Address: (w/n) Río De Las Vueltas St. (Halvorsen St. corner)
Phone: 493130
Zona Austral
Address: 173, M. M. de Güemes Ave.
Phone: 493155

Buses from and to El Calafate

Address: Av. San Martín 520
Phone: 493150
Chaltén Travel Turismo
Address: Av. San Martín 635
Phone: 493092
Address: 88, Antonio Rojo Av.
Phone: 493294
Trans Patagonia Servicios SA
Address: 917, San Martín Av. - Río Gallegos
Phone: 02966-493639 (Río Gallegos)

Buses Timetable: El Calafate <> El Chaltén

From El Calafate to El Chaltén
Frequency: every day
Timetable: 07:30 hs (TAQSA), 08:00 hs (CalTur and Chalten Travel), 13:00 hs (CalTur and Chalten Travel) and 18:30 hs (CalTur and Chalten Travel) hs.

From El Chaltén to El Calafate
Frequency: every day
Timetable: 07:30 (Chalten Travel), 08:00 (CalTur), 10:30 (TAQSA), 08:00 hs (CalTur and Chalten Travel), 18:00 (Chalten Travel) and 18:30 hs (CalTur).

Duration: 3 hours each way.

Prices: AR$ 275 / AR$ 550 return.
Data supplied by the respective transport company, updated October 31, 2014.

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