Private transfers to El Chaltén

To get to El Chaltén from the Airport or other points in Argentina or Chile, and to move around the area, you have a wide range of mini-buses, off-road vehicles and cars. To move within the town or to get faster to remote head trails, you can hire a remis.

Minibus, Taxi and pickup trucks

This is an alternative to get from the Airport or from any other place in the area. With vehicles up to 4 passengers to minibuses up to 24 passengers, this private transfer service is the most exclusive and It allows travellers to go on tours freely around the region.

Martin Transfer

El Calafate
+54 9 2966 38-8424

We connect all points of interest in the province: the Armando Tola International Airport, El Calafate city, El Chaltén town, the Perito Moreno Glacier, Río Gallegos city and many other destinations. We offer you the comfort of traveling at your pace and at the times you need, enjoying the scenic routes of Santa Cruz.

El Chaltén Transfers

76, Los Huemules Str.
+54 9 11 5136-3981

Private shuttle service up to 11 passengers. El Calafate International Airport and El Calafate town, El Pilar head trail, Río Eléctrico, Estancia Los Huemules, Bahía Tunel, excursion to Lago del Desierto. Full Day Calafate. Taylor made transfer services.

MyR Transfer

3826, Ines Saldivia Str (El Calafate)
+54 9 2966 30-6104

With our operational base in El Calafate, we offer private passenger transfers throughout southern Patagonia, to and from wherever you need, whenever you need it We connect all the tourist points of Santa Cruz: El Calafate city and Airport, Perito Moreno glacier, El Chaltén town, Río Gallegos city, Lago Posadas, Cueva de las Manos, Los Antiguos and many more.

Don Atilio Transporte

325, Lionel Terray Str.
+54 9 2902 45-1633

Door-to-door service to and from El Chaltén, Armando Tola Airport or the city of El Calafate. Contact us and tell us which flight you are arriving on and we will take you directly to El Chaltén. Transfers to Lago del Desierto and Hosteria El Pilar to enjoy the majestic Mount Fitz Roy. Latest model Mercedes Benz units, with a capacity of 19 passengers and minibus for 24 passengers.

Zona Austral

84, M.M. de Güemes Ave.
+54 9 2962 49-3155

All your transportation needs in one place. Short or long distance trips, in our comfortable and modern fleet of vehicles.

Confín Viajes

436, Lago Del Desierto Ave.
+54 9 2962 40-9045

Non-regular trips throughout Santa Cruz: Lago Del Desierto, Perito Moreno glacier, Lago San Martín, Cueva de Las Manos, Lago Posadas, special trips. We have 4x4 truck for transfers of up to 4 passengers and experience of more than 25 years in the Santa Cruz routes. Photographic safaris of landscapes and/or wildlife watching. Flexible departure times. Tour guide driver.

Via Chaltén

62, Ricardo Arbilla Str.
+54 9 2966 54-3265

We take you wherever you want to go: El Pilar hotel, Río Eléctrico, Chorrillo del Salto, Lago Del Desierto, Bahía Túnel, the airport and the city of El Calafate and if you want, you can also go to Perito Moreno Glacier. Destination ... is your choice! Enabled vehicle with licence Nº 5


Armando Tola International Airport
+54 9 2902 41-4310

Direct connection between El Calafate Airport and El Chaltén. Door to Door Service. We wait for you in the arrivals hall of the Armando Tola Airport, and we take you directly to the front door of your hotel in El Chaltén. We serve all flights. Shared services (intercity transfers) and private cars. Return from El Chaltén to the airport and to the city of El Calafate. Local transfer services in El Chaltén and El Calafate. We offer professional, reliable and very comfortable transportation. Operating since 2004. BUY YOUR TIQUET HERE

Is a Remis the same as a taxi?

They seem to be the same, but there are some differences: remis (from the French "remise") is a transport vehicle with a driver. It service is used in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia. It is a car with a driver that is rented to take passengers, to travel short or medium distances within a town, although sometimes they are used for long trips, or for several trips within the same area. The main difference between the remis and the taxi is that taxis must stop to pick up occasional passengers on the street; while remises are taken at the agency or requested by telephone. Remises may not have a special color or a sign.


Busses from and to the city of El Calafate connect with El Chaltén the whole year.

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Beside transfers within the tourist village, the remis is a solution to reach distant head trails - such as Río Blanco or Río Eléctrico - as well as other places of interest.


License Nº 6


Los Salteños

License Nº 23



License Nº 17


Pata Go

License Nº 14



License Nº 22


Walk Patagonia




License Nº 8


El Rafa

License Nº 16


Walk Patagonia

License Nº 20



License Nº 12



License Nº 15


Vía Patagonia

License Nº 5


Los Pumas

License Nº 18



License Nº 3



License Nº 7



License Nº 1


More ground transportation options


Vehicle rental without driver in El Chaltén, El Calafate city and airport.

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Daily busses

Regular service from the El Calafate Bus Terminal, and from El Chaltén to the Airport and El Calafate.

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