Travel Agencies in El Chaltén

The local Travel and Tourism Companies propose different organized excursions in El Chaltén and surrounding areas. They offer advice, accommodation, transfers and services related to your trip to the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.

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Featured Travel Agencies

Walk Patagonia

Av. Antonio Rojo 62 Local 2
02962 493275

Trekking, camping, ascents & expeditions. Individual attention. Bird watching. Mountain Bikes. Learn about Patagonian flora & fauna. Tailor-made trips. Professional guides (AAGM/EPGAMT/APN). Exclusive excursions: Petrified Forest La Leona and Full Day Excursion to Lago del Desierto

Zona Austral Turismo

84, M.M. de Güemes Ave.
+54 2962 493155

Get all the excursions you are looking for from Chaltén and Calafate in one place. Book with us and dedicate yourself to enjoy!

What do the Travel Agencies offers?

The local Travel and Tourism Companies offer excursions, transfer contracts, accommodation and other tourist services mainly in the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia. They are those who know the destination better than anyone. They give you the professional advice you need and they put at your disposal all the resources of a company that works to guarantee the best experience on your trip to this southern region.

Their excursions and programs include trekking in valleys and glaciers with or without camping, ascents to mountains, navigation in the lakes, fishing trips, cruises and expeditions in the Continental Ice, rafting and kayaking in rivers and much more..

Trekking and mountain guides

Meet also the guides that provide their services in El Chaltén.

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More travel agencies

Anfibio Chaltén

850, De Los Huemules Ave.


Camino Abierto

296, Lago del Desierto Ave.


Lago San Martín

275, San Martín Ave.


Exploradores Lago del Desierto

296, Lago del Desierto Ave.


Oscar Panfolfi Expediciones

63, Las Lengas Str.


Chaltén Travel Turismo

7, Güemes Ave.


Around Chaltén

117, San Martín Ave.



175, Güemes Ave.


Fitz Roy Expediciones

56, San Martín Ave.